AM Energy is one of Pakistan's most innovative solar companies. As a leading provider of solar solutions, AM Energy provides round-the-clock customer service with high-quality diversified solar systems.

Green Light Solar Energy Pakistan

Solar power has gradually grown to meet the extensive energy needs of the people. Not only this, but solar in Pakistan is being adopted because of the benefit of clean energy, reduced electricity bills, net-metering, and grid independence. Solar energy systems in Pakistan are growing exponentially and we are proudly a part of this rapid expansion of solar systems.

Solar Solution for All

We have highly skilled and experienced professionals to help you with your energy related issues. We are qualified to provide you different solar solutions for your domestic, commercial or industrial needs. Our products and solutions are world class as we have the following certifications:
ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, SGS, TUV, PC, UL, NRE, CE, and CGC SOLAR

Domestic Solution

Our domestic solutions range from a 5 kWh system to a 30 kWh system that can be installed at any location. We provide customized solutions for our customers to make the solar system hybrid with the grid or make it off-grid. Moreover, we provide regular maintenance by our experts.

Commercial Solution

Commercial setups require large setups and for this we have a uniquely designed solar panel system that ranges from 30kWh to 200 kWh. Our commercial solution is best for small and medium enterprises. We take care of each and every detail from the beginning of the system design to the working of the system.

Industrial Solution

For all requirements of solar electricity above 200 kWh we have customized industrial solutions. We are aware that every solar requirement is different and our experts thoroughly go through all the requirements, carry out inspections and then design the perfect system for you.